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Tinubu 2023 Presidency: Political Consultant Daniel Ogoloma, Gives Troll An Epic Clapback, Says ‘This Is My Issue With Mentally And Financially Disadvantaged Persons’



The follower had casted aspersions at both the Presidential Aspirant and the Youth Advocate, thereby spurring the latter to react, Pokovirtuousblog can report.

Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, is one of the most respected politicians in Nigeria. The 70-year-old Lagos native who has been the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) since its creation in 2013, ruled as the Executive Governor of Lagos State for 8 years. The alumnus of Chicago State University is one of the aspirants vying for the 2023 presidency.

Earlier yesterday, British-Nigerian Youth Advocate cum Community Leader, Daniel Ogoloma, shared a photograph of the Presidential Aspirant to his Instagram story. Hours later, an angry Ogoloma shared a screengrab of a follower who spoke ill of the distinguished leader. In his reaction, the Harvard student dubbed him ‘Mentally and financially disadvantaged’, hence his faulty understanding.

“See the person you are supporting, I am ashamed of you Daniel so it’s all about your belly, in your heart of hearts can this 80plus old man handle Nigeria, we no blame you long throat rivers boy”.

Daniel reacts, ‘This is my issue with mentally and financially disadvantaged persons. Where I sit is everyone eating, decisions are made firmly based on ideology – no be money matter…Me & you dey inside car go rob bank before, abi??? Werey!!.

“Instead of you to say you are hungry and I will send boys to come and give you rice – this one dey ment”.

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