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The Block Button Helps Keep Everyone Sane – Africa’s First Bitcoin Investor, Gaius



The Miami-based Cryptocurrency Trader also shared a screengrab of the number of persons he’s blocked, Pokovirtuousblog can confirm.

Gaius Chibueze Ngene is a renowned Blockchain Entrepreneur the world over – the ‘How Bitcoin Changed My Life’ author bought his first Bitcoin in 2011, and launched his cryptocurrency trading firm, Tatspace a couple years ago in Dubai.

In a series of posts on his verified Twitter handle yesterday, the multi-award winning Entrepreneur advised social media users not to ‘Live here’, even as he stated that he blocks people just by reading their comments on other people’s page – he also shared a screengrab of the number of persons he’s blocked.

“Don’t live here!
The Block Button helps keep everyone Sane!

“I actually block people just by reading Their comments on other people’s pages before they come to mine or follow me.
There are some people one shouldn’t even come across!


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