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‘Run Your Race; Nobody Owes You Nothing’, Says Nigerian Singer, AFRO JC



The 23-year-old Afropop Singer who takes pleasure in motivating fans via his social media handles when he isn’t sharing links of his songs, has once again advised followers to press on, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has revealed.

Taking to his Facebook profile in the afternoon hours of today, the Brass native advised his followers to run according to their pace, adding that nobody owes them a thing.

“Set your pace run your race. Nobody owes you nothing”.

Pokovirtuousblog gathered that Ebiegberi Gabriel better known as AFRO JC is fast becoming an household name in the Nigerian music industry. The Singer has a number of songs under his belt including ‘Positive Vibe’; ‘Girlfriend’; and ‘Bere’.

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