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Reno Omokri Rings Alarm Bell Over ‘Soldiers Activities’ In Southeastern Nigeria



It is no news that Nigeria is on the edge of a precipice – and it seems the center cannot hold anymore in the Southeastern geopolitical zone of the country (Nigeria) – in view of current happenings. The Orlu crisis in Imo State that lasted six days in January, 2021, is far from over given that armies are still sent to the region in their numbers almost on the daily.

Knowing the reason many soldiers are deployed is to put an end to the so-called ESN and other sessionist groups which has been proscribed and dubbed ‘terrorist’, Nigerian Human Right Activist, Bemigho Reno Omokri better known as Reno Omokri has expressed fears over what might happen if the activities of soldiers are not watched closely.

Taking to his Instagram handle Friday, the FreeLeahSharibu convener revealed to his over 532,000 followers his fears about what the Nigerian armies could do to men of southeastern origin in the name of trying to curb terrorism and insurrection.

“The way things stand now, soldiers can shoot and kill any man in Southeastern Nigeria, and claim he has an unknown gunman. There are no investigations carried out on the veracity of these claims. No accountability.

“A soldier with a grudge can get rid of any man whose face he does not like, and claim that the fellow was ESN/IPOB/UGM and he gets away with murder. Living in Nigeria’s Southeast is now more dangerous than living in Afghanistan”.

Pokovirtuousblog gathered that in reaction to his statement, a crowd of social media users have since hopped on the comments section of his post to share their thoughts. While many lamented over the leaders’ lackadaisical attitude, others shared their ordeal living in the geopolitical zone.

Qeennlyn, ‘People can’t move out early hours of the morning again’; Ebube-don, ‘Fact af. That’s what we’re suffering over here in the s.east and s.south’; Olaoye -Leke-natural, ‘There is still a case of someone I know very well. Travelled from Bonny Island Rivers State to Owerri for his father in-law’s burial but paraded on national TV as unknown gunman. It’s saddening’; Igho Benjamin, ‘And the Southeast governors are still mute about the whole situation’ among others.

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