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Popular Nigerian Socialite, Gyt Shares New Month’s Message, Says, Forget Those Who Leave You



How time flies! Am pretty sure some guys might be asking, how did we get here? Was I asleep? As we begin a new month today, famous Nigerian Socialite, Gospel Young Tiko better known as Gyt has dished out a piece of advice to followers on how to go about the remaining 6 months of 2021, checks by Pokovirtuousblog has shown. In the social media post, a lot of his fans not only raised their thumbs up to his statement, but gushed over him as well.

In an attempt to celebrate the month of July with his teeming followers, the 26-year-old father of one admonished fans to choose the right path, adding that they’ll do well to remind themselves that this is a new month too.

Speaking further, the Olugbobiri native stated that he would they show gratitude to people who love them, offer assistance when they’re in need, forgive their offenders, and not to hesitate to forget those who opted to leave them. He concluded the piece by saying they’ll do well to make a new decision for a better tomorrow.

“Appreciate those who Love you, Help those who Need you, Forgive those who Hurt you, Forget those who Leave you. Remember it’s a new Month. Make a new decision for a better tomorrow. 💯. Happy New Month 🎉”

In reaction to his post, a crowd of his followers have since thronged the comments section of his post to share their thoughts. While one called him chairman; wished him a happy new month, others admired him.

Charity Berepugi, ‘Happy new month my darling’; Blessing Babyb Blessing, ‘Yes oooo, wish u the same’; Glory Kidi May, ‘Happy new month’; Mielly X Owei, ‘Looking good’; Imiebo Meshach, ‘Happy progressive and healthy new month bro’; Dimie Tiko, ‘The most grow, we thank God for life. Happy new month of perfection’ among others.

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