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Peter Obi Nation: I Spent Over 1m Of My Money To Build The App, Peter Obi Network, Says Dr. Ope Banwo, Sends Strong Warning To Blackmailers



The Member Forbes Business Council had in a series of post warned blackmailers to desist from ‘rubbishing his name’ – tweeps dropped comments, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has shown.

Peter Gregory Obi is one of the most powerful politicians in Nigeria. The Anambra native who was once a Governor in his state is currently vying for the number one seat in his country.

A few hours ago, Major Campaigner for Peter Obi, Dr. Ope Banwo, took to his Twitter handle to share a series of posts, even as he warned blackmailers to quit their evil activity or else he’ll report them to Obi.

“I gain nothing nothing for the priviledge to be a @PeterObi supporter. I spent almost 1m of MY MONEY to build the app and spending my own money to build a peter obi network with Naija Lives Matter. I will be damned if I will let you rubbish me becos I refuse to bow to your group”.

“You may have been the first set to support @PeterObi but that gives you NO right to blackmail or delegitimize the efforts of others becos they are doing what you failed to do. Grow up and be inclusive without coercion! FYI, Rather than succumb, I will rather shut down my support.

“If these clowns who want to put @PeterObi in their exclusive pockets and blackmail other supporters do not desist I will name and shame you all and report you to Peter obi myself. It should not be this hard to exercise my priviledge to support a candidate. To hell with you all!

“I think some PO support groups are trying to take advantage of the @PeterObi movement to turn themselves into a for-profit cabal by blackmailing new groups that do not bow down to their immoral & illegal demands to join their network. I will die before submitting to blackmail!

“It is despicable for a self-appointed @peterobi support group to try to blackmail other support groups to bow down to them and then try to delegitimize a Peter Obi Nation app done by me and Naija Lives Matter. It’s this kind of territorial jealousy & attitude ruining our nation.

Our reporter learnt that a fair chunk of his followers have since taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

Official_Lion, ‘Dr Ope I’m begging you to keep your support up, we are working on a greater Nigeria’; Klingret patience, ‘What’s going on, please calm down’; Ugo, ‘Name and shame them sir. Enough is enough! It’s time and we’ll change the statusquo’, among others.

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