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Nigerians Hail Famous Singer, AFRO JC Over Statement, ‘I’m Bruce Like Lee’



Yesterday fast-rising Nigerian Afrosoul Singer, Ebiegberi Gabriel better known as AFRO JC made a post on social media that triggered some of his followers to tell the world how much they love him – as they hopped on the comments section to express their thoughts.

The statement which was made on his Facebook profile, saw the ‘Company’ crooner reveal that he is not just ‘Bruce’, but that he is very much like ‘Lee’ as well. Speaking further, the Brass native asked his followers if they’ve listened to his latest musical project ‘Self-made’, adding that if they haven’t done so, they’ll do well to head to music streaming platform, Audiomack and take a listen to the album.

“I’m Bruce like Lee.
Have you listened to self-made today?
If No
Listen on Audiomack”.

In reaction to his post, a fair chunk of his followers quickly took to the comments section to express admiration for the 23-year-old amazing singer. While many of his fans communicated their love for his songs through emoji, others used words.

William Hurt McQueen, ‘Fam’; So Called Shadrack Young, ‘Super cool’; Moon Love, ‘My favourite bro’; Andrew Ayebanoua, ‘Sabi Manshi’; Kenny Augustine, ‘Opu Alapu AFRO JC’ among others.

Checks by Pokovirtuousblog reveals that Lee Jun-fan popularly known as Bruce Lee was a 20th century Chinese American Martial Actor. The San Francisco-born Producer is credited with helping to change the ‘not-so-pleasant’ narrative about Asians in American movies.

Furthermore, the University of Washington alumnus who died July 20, 1973, is considered by many a major Influence on combat sports including judo, karate etc.

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