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Nigerian Socialite, Gyt Goes Spiritual In New Post, Confesses, ‘Nobody Like My God’



If you’ve been following famous Nigerian Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer and Socialite, Gospel Young Tiko better known as Gyt on social media it wouldn’t come as news to you knowing he likes sharing inspirational pieces with his followers.

In a bid to inspire confidence among those looking to succeed in life, the Olugbobiri native took his WhatsApp status Friday, to not only offer prayers to God, but show viewers that he does keep a close connection with divinity – albeit he seem worried.

“Nobody like my God.
Father take control
Only God knows the pains”.

Pokovirtuousblog learnt that Gyt, 26, a father of one putted his music career on hold in pursuit of business success. The famous Entrepreneur who likes advising his virtual friends, lives with his family in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

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