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Nigerian Inspirational Speaker, Felix Williams, Delve Into Life, Says ‘But The Truth Is, Life Inherently Has No Meaning’



The Speaker had in a social media post talked about life, Pokovirtuousblog has revealed.

Although little or no information is available in the public domain about Felix Williams, our reporter gathered that he’s an Inspirational Speaker, and has a plethora of motivational speeches on his social media handle.

Taking to his Instagram handle a couple days ago, the energetic youth shared a thoughtful piece about life, stressing that it [life] has no meaning.

“Just a week to my passing out parade from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2019, I fell into what has been the darkest period of my life so far. Nothing made sense in anyway. If I am to sum up my experiences from 2019 to 2020, I would say: “I casually existed”. Trees and mushrooms had more meaning to their existence than I did in those days.

“My nihilism wasn’t from the scare of finishing NYSC and not getting that dream job. But rather, I fell into nihilism because of the perennial question: Why am I here ?

“This is a very familiar question. We’ve all asked ourselves this question in a bid to understand why we are here and find the sort of things that adds meaning to our short stay here.

“The truth is, no one knows. Every explanation whether religious, scientific, psychological, social and the rest are just conjectures to give us a glimpse of what it maybe.

“But the truth is, life inherently has no meaning (my conjecture). We are born to die, but before we die, meaning is found in those “big and small” responsibilities we assume to make our stay here meaningful.

“If we try and fail at our attempts to find meaning, we have nothing to lose because, we came here with nothing.
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