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New York-based Rapper, Greezy Features Diamhorn In New Single ‘Selling Out’



Last month we brought you news that controversial Nigerian Rapper, Diamhorn would be featured in the forthcoming single of New York-based Rapper, Greezy – good news is, the highly anticipated song is available for download.

The musical piece which talks about making money, becoming famous, succeeding at one’s activity amidst difficulty, saw the ‘Million Dollar Mindset’ CEO, Greezy and Etelernse Records label boss, Diamhorn displays their amazing rapping skills – how these lines capture the message vividly:

~ City is a pity…
I go t Niggas grinding I’ma ride for’em
See My mom is getting old and that scares me
I got bitten by a snake it ain’t funny
I started from the farm tryna go world wide from seas to the creeks to streets to star
I’m not a twinkle little star
I stay focus right from above
I’m not a legend in this bitch
I’m a GOD in this bitch
I know fame’s on the way
And I know money is on the way ~

For music lovers looking to forge ahead, make use of their potential, the rap song which was produced by the artistes themselves come in handy – Pokovirtuousblog can confirm in a statement made available to our reporter.

“…Selling out is talking about what someone told him. The person said he is a legend already, hence should be making music…” Diamhorn reveals.

Listen to ‘Selling Out’ here

Watch ‘Selling Out’ video

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