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Never Settle For Less; You Can Move From 0 To 100k, Crypto Enthusiast, Jackto Precious Reveals, Fans Concur



The Nigerian Entrepreneur had advised tweeps not to give up – his followers seemed to agree, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

In the afternoon hours of yesterday, Social Media Influencer cum Affiliate Marketing Coach, Jackto Precious, took to his Twitter profile to advise his 18.1k followers on the need not to settle for less, stressing that they can become rich.

“Never settle for less.
If you can move from 0 to 100k, you can also move from 100k to 1 million”.

As expected, a substantial portion of his followers took to the comments to share their thoughts – they concurred with his statement.

Adefehinti Oluwatimilehin, ‘Couldn’t agree less…always have that 10x mentally. Great message sir’; Bright Maduka, ‘This is very true, the first step is all it takes coupled with consistency with some time, you’ll see how far you’ve come’; Value King, ‘And if you can move from 100k to 1million, you can move from 1m to 10million. Always think 10x’, among others.

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