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Men Are Attracted To You Because Of Beauty; They May Stay With You Because Of Your Brains, Reno Omokri Tells Ladies



The Bestselling Author had advised women to wise up – his followers shared their thoughts, Pokovirtuousblog can confirm.

Yesterday, famous Nigerian Human Rights Activist, Reno Omokri, took to his verified Instagram handle to share an insightful piece with his female followers. In the missive, the alumnus, University of Wolverhampton, told ladies that although beauty does attract men to them, it is brain/character that’ll make them stay.

“Dear ladies,
Men are attracted to you because of beauty. They may stay with you because of your brains. But majority only marry you because of your character. So make up your face. Read good books. But more importantly, develop good morals. That’s your master key. Don’t allow him test or taste you. You are not some dish in a buffet that men can sample. Be friendly, yet not easy. Men are excited by sexiness. But they are tamed by virtuousness. Your mysteries should only be unveiled by marriage, not by ‘I love you’!
#RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu”.

As expected, a crowd of his followers have since taken to the comments to share their thoughts – here’s an excerpt.

iamtoheeb_o, ‘This is absolutely the real fact’; kingsline786, ‘Sir, I no go repost this one. No vex lolzzz’; princessadadubis, ‘Well said sir’; maxyqueenzy, ‘Don’t allow him test or taste you…please what does that mean sir’, among others.

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