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Member Forbes Business Council: 10 Ifiok Nkem Quotes To Live Your Best Life



Your life can only get better when you learn, unlearn, and apply sound knowledge. To make a point to read is to continually improve for the better – Nkem quotes is the best bet to achieve success, Pokovirtuousblog’s investigation has shown.

Ifiok Nkem, a Member Forbes Business Council, is considered one of the most powerful CEOs in Africa. The Serial Entrepreneur happens to be the Co-founder of Snapilabs, a tech innovation lab.

In a bid to publish this article, Poko Virtuous scoured the internet space and compiled these powerful quotes from the renowned I.T. Product Manager – now is your chance to win.

• “Salary and wages is not slavery – you don’t just have a good job – don’t generalize.”

• “You don’t need big money to start investing.”

• “Don’t be too focused on being the first – be the best – focus on customer success or you will be left in the dust even if you’re the first.”

• “Sometimes God is too generous and sometimes people are just lucky.”

• “Remove that CEO from your bio and your mind. Start seeing yourself as an employee in your own business and start working like you could be fired anytime.”

• “Revenue is important, but profit is ‘importanter’ and recurring profit is the ultimate.”

• “Growth is expensive.”

• “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself.”

• “Marketers who focus on selling will reach $10k faster than those who focus on customer success, but those who focus on customer success will get to $100k & $1m faster than those who focus on selling.”

• “Done is better than perfect.”

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