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Investor Tells Bitcoin Chief, Gaius, How Trading Bitcoin Changed His Life, Says Being Part Of ABiT Network Is A Great Blessing



ABiT Network CEO, Gaius Chibueze Ngene has shared the testimonial of an investor who is very much excited about the life-changing effect of trading Bitcoin, even as the former opens yet another limited opportunity to learn, trade and make money using blockchain technology, Pokovirtuousblog can report.

Taking to his Instagram handle yesterday, Blockchain Entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze Ngene alias Bitcoin Chief shared the screenshot of a cryptocurrency trader who is pretty much grateful to him and his firm, ABiT Network, for the opportunity to learn and trade cryptocurrencies, noting that it has been a blessing to him.

“On a low key I do follow all ur advise and strategy and it has worked for me

“The money I have made in this crypto ever since I saw u on IG and believe ur Tatcoin project with u and Bitcoin goddess my financial story have changed. And today I am also into palm fruits agriculture. Being part of ABiT student was a great blessing. Thank God I took the 50% discount training fee”.

Commenting on the testimonial, the 33-year-old Africa’s 1st Bitcoin Investor expressed satisfaction over the opportunity cryptocurrency trading has given him, and others as well, even as he offers yet another opportunity for a limited number of persons.

“I am proud of the Opportunity Crypto/Bitcoin/TATCOIN gave me and everyone I have helped Get rich from this crypto thingy since 2016 when I started showing people the way.
Only this year alone some of those who listened to me have made millions and now living the baby boy life.

“I have a new opportunity for a very Limited number of People who are Nigerians only and have at least 200k Naira and ready to partner with me on this Non Crypto Opportunity I just discovered and tried.
I want only a very limited number of persons to become my business partners soon so we can make money together.

“I have created a very special WhatsApp group where me and these people I want to hold by hands and show this opportunity will discuss.
If you are interested becoming my business Partner after reading this then Send me a DM and if you pass the test I will add you to the Group!
Remember it’s not for everybody!

Pokovirtuousblog gathered that Gaius Chibueze Ngene is an internationally renowned authority on Blockchain investment. The father of two has written several books on cryptocurrency trading.

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