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Inside The Life Of Nigerian Rising Star, Nonso Blinkz | Biography Of Chinonso Emmanuel Aniagu



This piece is a brief biography of Nigerian R&B Artiste, Chinonso Emmanuel Aniagu, better known as Nonso Blinkz, as written by Pokovirtuousblog.

Born in November 30, 1999, Chinonso Emmanuel Aniagu, better known as Nonso Blinkz, can be dubbed ‘the favoured one’. The R&B Artiste who started honing his singing talent right from his middle childhood days, is certainly not a newbie in the music industry – he has seen it all from scratch.

Although Blinkz’s parents are from Ebonyi, he was born in Anambra State. 11 years later they relocated to Bayelsa State, where he completed his secondary education. In Yenagoa, a young Blinkz seemed to discover his talent for music, hence joined a group named ‘4 Stars 4 Music Gang’ – though it was short-lived, his passion wouldn’t wane, as he actively participated in his church choir.

In a chat with our reporter, the chocolate-skinned Singer who had earlier released musical pieces like ‘Juliana’; ‘Po Po’, revealed that he started making music professionally in 2020. When asked about his musical journey, an energetic Blinkz stated that it’s been amazing.

“The journey has been good. You know, since the last two years that I started making music officially, you know, I have seen a goal that I can lay my hand on – that am pursuing – before I was just dropping music for the mere love of it, but right now I see it as a business and treat it as such”.

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