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Igbos Are Among The Most Resourceful People In Nigeria And A Major Force, Says Nigerian Youth Advocate, Bello Shagari



The Yarima of Shagari had advised them to stop victimizing themselves, thereby spurring followers to drop comments, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

A couple hours ago, renowned Nigerian Social Crusader, Muhammad Bello Bala Shagari, took to his verified Twitter handle to advise igbos not to victimize themselves, adding that they are one of the most resourceful people in Nigeria.

“Igbos should stop victimizing themselves. They are among the most resourceful people in Nigeria and a major force. However, most Igbo problems are internal. Else, I’ve had Sokoto Igbo friends who have domiciled with us and have found no home better than Sokoto”.

Shortly after sharing the post, his followers took to the comments to share their thoughts – here’s an excerpt.

Deborah Sati Kesmen, ‘Peter Obi will unify us all’; Builder’s Merchant, ‘ “internal”… How?…They like fighting themselves’; Kenneth LP, ‘Enjoying the dividends of vigorous, dynamic and good governance is not specific to any tribe. That’s the aim’, among others.

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