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IG User Throws Shade At Controversial Rapper, Portable, Says Please Learn How To Put A Nice Picture



The IG user had expressed displeasure at a shirtless photo shared by the Ogun-born Singer, stating that he doesn’t post nice pictures, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has revealed.

In the afternoon hours of today, famous Nigerian Rapper, Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, took to his Instagram handle to share a shirtless photograph of himself, just as he called himself a number of names.

“ZAzuu OGO KING 👑 KESARI Anibonmajale Set Awon Mopol Bata Wahala Emi Ni Werey Olorin Worldwide Wahala Musician I do music for living Bizza Bizza African Mafian Boss OGANIA 1 millionkwe People ZehMeKwe”.

As a crowd of his followers took to the comments to share their thoughts, a user identified as @happyboybless, called out the 27-year-old Rapper for his penchant in sharing unpleasant photos, even as he advised him to unlearn.

“Portable, please learn how to put a nice picture”.

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