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I Will Be Like You When I Grow Up, Youth Tells Bitcoin Chief, Gaius, Others Extol



ABiT Network CEO cum Tatcoin Creator, Gaius Chibueze Ngene had shared a quote by Satoshi Nakamoto, in which the latter said he has no time to convince doubting thomases. As followers shared their thoughts, one amongst them expressed desire to be like the Bitcoin Chief, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

Taking to his over 251k-follower Instagram handle, Sunday, Gaius Chibueze Ngene, Africa’s 1st Bitcoin Investor shared an inspirational quote from Satoshi Nakamoto, the 46-year-old Japanese who invented Bitcoin – in a bid to motivate followers as they pursue success.

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

– Satoshi Nakamoto
Founder of Bitcoin


As if waiting for him to share such a post, an IG user identified as Cloud_money1 hopped on the comments section to tell the world how that he is the one inspirational figure he’d like to become when he comes of age.

“Cloud Lord. I will be like you when I grow up @Gaiuschibueze”.

Meanwhile Pokovirtuousblog gathered that other of his followers wouldn’t keep mum, as they also expressed admiration for the Blockchain Entrepreneur. While one called him boss; slammed skeptics, here’s what some fans are saying:

Gospybankzo, ‘To the moon boss, we move no be for everybody’; Jacksonjessey, ‘The original Bitcoin father @bitcoin_chief I’m sleeping this caption’; 24rentzinc, ‘One of the most powerful quote of the decade’; Timnational, ‘Well said…I will be part soon’; Joelmarley61, ‘It can only take time but they also have to know that good projects takes time to build’ among others.

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