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‘Even On A Free Table, Eat What You Can Afford’, Says Nigerian Socialite, Gyt



He might be young in age, but he his sure ‘old’ in wisdom – as it has helped him become a force to be reckoned with in society. The 26-year-old in a new post on his social media handle, advises followers to make it a point to ‘enjoy’ only what they can afford, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has shown.

Taking to his Facebook profile a few hours ago, the Olugbobiri native advised Nigerians to endeavor to take only what they worked for, even as he added that should a free food be offered one, he’d do well to eat only what he can afford.

“There is more to life, enjoy what you have worked for, but take note: 👉 Even on a free table, eat what you can afford”.

Our reporter gathered that a crowd of his followers have since hopped on the comments section of his post to share their views. While one admired his appearance; said he is right, here’s what some social media users are saying:

Rayna Love, ‘On point’; Seidoukumo Victor, ‘Odogwu’; Renaan Divine, ‘Fine boy Gyt enjoy yourself’; Anita Nelson, ‘A deep word. Nice one dear’; Bene Ficiary, ‘Great advice’; Perekeme Peter, ‘Perfectly said’; Osain Z Tari, ‘Gyt my main man flex’; Newface Sabibobo, ‘Great advice boss man’ among others.

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