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Envy No Man And Learn From Those Who Are Ahead Of You, IYC National Spokesman, Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe Advises, Followers Concur



The multi-award winning Youth Leader had in a social media post advised youths to shun the ‘pull-him-down syndrome – a fair chunk of his followers agreed with him, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has shown.

The National Spokesman, Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Comrade Ebilade Ekerefe, took to his Facebook profile yesterday to advise youths against seeking the downfall of another, stressing that they’ll do well to envy no one, but learn from folks who are ahead of them.

“Instead of encouraging youths like you who are struggling hard to get sociopolitical recognition, we rather spend that time on this blue app in finding little faults to bring them down as if we own their destinies. It’s so sad and unfortunate. But know that why you’re been destructive, they are busy praying to their God and thriving hard to be better than the way they were yesterday without even noticing you.
Envy no man and learn from those who are ahead of you.
It pays to learn✊”.

As expected, his followers took to the comments to share their thoughts – many of them concurred with him – here’s what they are saying.

Wose Ineife, ‘I totally agree with your submission Ebilade Ekerefe’; Ruth Oviezibe Aaron Odede, ‘Add more volume sir’; Jonah Eyengogha, ‘Wise saying’; Trace Douye Asu, ‘They will not hear. They are born to hate and envy’, among others.

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