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Cheating On A Girl: It Destroys Her Outlook On Love, Future Relationship, Says Erigga, Tweeps React



The ‘Situation Room’ crooner had in a social media post advised men not to cheat on their beloved, thereby spurring tweeps to drop comments, Pokovirtuousblog can confirm.

In the morning hours of yesterday, multi-award winning Rapper, Erhiga Agarivbie, popularly known as Erigga, took to his verified Twitter handle to advise men not to cheat in a relationship, stressing that it has a negative effect [on the lady].

“CHEATING ON A GIRL goes deeper than people realize. It’s destroys her outlook on love, HER future relationship and her peace within her self”.

As expected, a fair chunk of his followers have since taken to the comments to share their thoughts – here’s what they are saying.

Miss Amaka, ‘They don’t understand. It does shits to my mental health’; Al Capone 30BG, ‘Thank you darling’; amby, ‘It goes both ways, same thing when a guy is being cheated on’; Dera, ‘Then a girl cheating on a boy creates the mindset to the boy that we are all cheaters’, among others.

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