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Bitcoin Is The Issue To Improve All Other Issues, Says American Entrepreneur, Dennis Porter



The Serial Entrepreneur had in a social media post revealed that all of the issues we face today is directly caused by the broken money, Pokovirtuousblog can confirm.

Taking to his Twitter handle Saturday, July 2, American Entrepreneur, Dennis Porter, informed his 111k followers that 90% of the issues we face today is caused by the ‘broken money’, adding that Bitcoin is the issue to improve all other issues.

“90% of the issues we face today are either exasperated or directly caused by the broken money.
You truly can’t have a better issue to focus on. Bitcoin is the “issue to improve all other issues.”
Yes this includes the issues you care most deeply about”.

Our reporter learnt that followers have since taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

Michael Edwards, ‘There’s nothing broken about it as it’s working exactly how dictatorial governments want it to’; Eugene Gant, ‘If all the freedom larping bitcoiners had something to say about SCOTUS Roe decision, you’d maybe make sense. Instead, you just sound incredibly tone deaf’, among others.

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