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Nigerian Singer, Mas To Block Fans Who Post Nude Photos



Wednesday we brought you news that fast-rising Nigerian Singer cum Entrepreneur, Mas advised followers to ‘sieve yeye people’ out of their lives, it would seem he’s begun the first phase of unfriending people he considers unuseful from his list, Pokovirtuousblog has observed. In a series of posts, the Trofani native decried the rate at which people enjoy sharing nude and immoral pictures on social media networking sites.

Yesterday, taking to his WhatsApp status, ‘Light’ singer, Mas stated that the majority of social media users now think of posting nude/immoral photos as an art, adding that it seems to have gained currency among many too.

“Posting of nude don gradually become norm…Dem say nah art”.

But it would seem the graduate of Medical Laboratory Science felt some of his viewers didn’t grasp his stance on the issue, hence took to his status a few hours ago to announce that he’ll start blocking people who enjoy sharing obscene photos.

“If u post any nude or immoral pictures I go block u ASAP”.

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