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Famous Nigerian Socialite, Gyt Advises Viewers, Shares Hilarious Meme



Nigerian Socialite, Entrepreneur cum Humanitarian, Gospel Young Tiko better known Gyt has dished out a piece of advice to his teeming fans on social media. The father of one who advised them on the need to be committed to their job, accompanied the post with an hilarious meme.

Wednesday, Socialite Gyt took to his WhatsApp status to share a video in which athletes could be seen running – as he inserted an arrow – pointing viewers to the cameraman. Commenting on the short video, he pleaded with his fans to be diligent in their place of employment.

“Take your job serious. That’s the cameraman”.

As if the video clip didn’t convey his point vividly, the Olugbobiri native shared a rather hilarious meme that reads, ‘I may not be a good cook, but if I warm food for you ehnnn’. The young Entrepreneur once again commented, albeit humorously, ‘I was well trained in Sweden on how to warm food’.

Pokovirtuousblog learnt that Gyt, 26, is one Socialite of Nigerian origin who enjoys offering advice to his fans on social media. The dude who used to be an artiste, owns a record label [Damikoro Music Entertainment] which he intend using to empower talented artistes in his home state and Nigeria at large.

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