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‘Excessive Positivity Has A Negative Impact’ – Singer Wuka Reveals, Says, It’ll Turn One To Zombie



A fast-rising Nigerian Singer, Denyefa Victor Wuka better known as Wuka has stated that being too positive can have a negative impact on one’s mental health. The Southern Ijaw native who is gainfully employed as a Health Worker (HIV/AIDS Program Management) made the disclosure on his social media handle, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

Taking to his Facebook profile a couple days ago, the creative educated his followers on the need to quit being positive at all times, stating that they’ll be turning themselves into a ‘zombie’ should they deceive themselves into taking the ‘feel-good-only’ route.

Speaking further, the ‘Music & I’ crooner noted that religion and society does advise us to keep a positive self-talk each day, but that, it’s not the best bet in the quest for a sound mental health, as he asked his followers about their freedom of expression.

“Excessive positivity has a negative impact on your mental health. You’re turning yourself into a Zombie by allowing yourself feel good only. Religion and society would tell you to all be positive at all times.

“That for me is a cult like behavior. Only people in a regimented society behave one dimensionally e.g UAR
Where is your freedom of expression?”

Pokovirtuousblog gathered that Wuka, an Artiste cum Health Worker holds a master’s degree – waiting for external defense . The dude who is fast becoming an household name in his state’s music industry has released several songs: ‘Annabella’; ‘Suffer’ among others. He is working on a 2-track EP ‘Midnight Music’ ft Quiries.

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