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‘Poverty Is The Hell Fire Itself’ – Popular Socialite, Gyt Argues



If you’re given a chance to ask Billionaire Businessman, Elon Musk what he thinks of poverty, am pretty sure he’ll tell you it’s nothing but detritus; something not to be desired. What about super-rich clergyman, David Oyedepo? I wouldn’t be surprised if he says it’s a sin to be poor. But hey, what do you think famous Nigerian Socialite and Entrepreneur, Gyt is saying about it? Hmmm, wait a minute.

In a bid to help his fans get a solid grasp about how unpleasant he finds it, the Olugbobiri native took to his WhatsApp status a few hours ago to tell his viewers that not only is being broke hellish, but that it is the Hell Fire itself. The father of one revealed that he discovered this to be true when he went stony broke in 24 hours recently.

“Forget. Poverty is hell.
Av been broke for just 24 hours and I have realized that poverty is the Hell Fire itself”.

Pokovirtuousblog’s investigation reveals that Gospel Young Tiko popularly known as Gyt used to be an artiste. A desire to get a better life for his family triggered him to put his music career (that couldn’t help him pay his bills and live comfortably) on hold, as he ventured into business full-time. The 26-year-old energetic youth owns a record label [Damikoro Music Entertainment] which he plans on using to boost the music career of talented artistes.

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