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Amazing Singers, AFRO JC, Blackman PD To Release Album ‘Self-made’ This Saturday



The forthcoming album ‘Self-made’ by talented Bayelsan singers, AFRO JC and Blackman PD (with features from some amazing acts) makes the musical project worth anticipating. As to how good the music would be, our reporter observed that a lot of statement has been made about the upcoming album on social media that offers an insight as to what to expect from it.

Upon monitoring the Bayelsa social media space with regard to his project, Pokovirtuousblog learnt that Afrosoul Singer, AFRO JC, and close friends has been sharing series of posts in the past three days in a bid to help fans get a clue about the musical project – from saying the album ‘will blow your mind’; ‘it’s a wake up call’ to declaring that it is capable of making world record, here are some posts about ‘Self-made’:

“This album go drop like light don come. Be part of it now cuz after now e go be like eyeservice.

“Wake up call. Dem boys are back in town. 22-04-2021.

“Gm famz. Just a friendly reminder that we’re bout to blow all minds on the 22nd of May 2020” – AFRO JC has been posting.

“Dem bois be set to create a world record” – Mc Yobelemobo; among others.

Speaking with Pokovirtuousblog about ‘Self-made’, the album which is slated for release Saturday, May 22, 2021, JC stated that the 16-track album which can be considered a preamble into his creativity, Blackman PD’s and that of his inner circle, would be better understood when listened to. He also added that it has some features from Port Harcourt-based and Bayelsa-based talented acts as well.

“The album is more like an introduction – it’s like introducing me worldwide. It’s a worldwide album – I bet we’re taking over with this album, hence it’s entitled ‘Self-made’. When it’s out there making wave they all know it was self-made.

“Yeah, the whole big vibes they’ll be feeling from the album. We gat two females on the album – these ladies damn talented, and we also gat two Port Harcourt-based artistes on the album too”.

Pokovirtuousblog learnt that the forthcoming album featured 16 artistes: 2 male Port Harcourt-based acts; 2 female Bayelsa-based acts and 12 male Bayelsa-based acts. The musical project which was produced by Blackman PD and Keyman contains 16 tracks as well namely: ‘WTL’ ft. A9, Titaboy, Blaquan; ‘Move’ ft. Titaboy; ‘Pressure’; ‘Like This’ ft. Stunner, Blake, A9, Blaquan; ‘Stargirl’ ft. Kenny J; ‘Turn Up’ ft. XL; ‘Like To Party’ ft. Tizzyblues, A9; ‘Issa Vibe’ ft. Fitzy West; ‘Greenlight’ ft. XL, Blaquan; ‘Teaser’ ft. Bobby Tyrann, A9; ‘Lemme Know’ ft. Chapa Boy, Keyman, Star Kixxy, D Goat; ‘Organize’ ft. Laylow; ‘My Bella’ ft. Chapa Boy; ‘Go’ ft. Eleee, Boymaph; ‘Strong Thing’ ft. Boymaph and ‘Fire’.

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