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Cozy Birthday Message Hon. Ebinyo Turner’s CPS, Akekere Jerry Writes Kid Brother



Am pretty sure in this case the deaf can hear the words of advice dished out – given that the Akekere family is celebrating the birthday anniversary of their current last born [Ayebanengimote Temple Akekere]. The pieces of advice which is coming from the celebrant’s elder brother, is an heartwarming one many would do well to take to heart.

Taking to his Facebook profile a few hours ago, Akekere Jerry, the Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Chairman of Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, Hon. Ebinyo Turner, offered timeless advice to his kid brother – even as he advised him not to forget the admonitions of his parents.

Speaking further, the graduate of History & Diplomacy told him that he would he realize that for every level one attains, there’s a different devil to be confronted, adding that he’d come out victorious if he refuses to ‘sell his soul’. Jerry concluded the piece by saying he shouldn’t forget to support his siblings even as he succeeds in life.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY EPISTLE TO AYEBANENGIMOTE TEMPLE AKEKERE. My younger brother and the last born in the house.

“Am writing this to motivate you on the day of your birthday anniversary. Just remember Daddy’s stories and the things that mum told you…Brother as a man Nine mili-mitre to your head should not stop you.

“Note that for every level there’s a different devil
Don’t sell your soul in the bid to compete and be successful. And sometimes, don’t even think about your limitations just push ahead to make Mummy & daddy proud.

“You must put into consideration the circumstances, Where you at, who you loving who you stand with
You must be prepared for every chance you see
Every opportunity, knock dem out for me like Ali
Be a soldier, build yourself.

“Elevate your brothers when you elevating yourself
Go to war with your brothers and protect all your sisters, ask mama for her blessings let no one compete with her.. Happy Birthday Lucky grow in wisdom and grace…”.

In a bid to felicitate with the younger brother of the Passionate Social Builder and Pan-Niger Deltan Activist, a ton of his friends, colleagues, admirers and family members have since taken to the comments section of his post to wish the teenager a happy birthday.

Raymond Akekere, ‘Happy birthday, Lucky’; Ebimobowei Godswill Sese, ‘Happy, happy birthday! Birthday’; Osei Emmanuel, ‘Happy birthday, buddy’; Ajie Charity, ‘Oh my boy you are big man, am so happy. Happy birthday wish you many good returns’; Andrew Princewill, ‘Happy birthday young man’; Kopian Akekere Frank, ‘Happy birthday kid bro’.

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