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See What Singer AFRO JC Posted That Got Fans Talking The Bizarre



There was drama in Bayelsa’s social media space in the morning hours of yesterday when Afropop Singer, Ebiegberi Gabriel better known as AFRO JC took to his Facebook profile to make a statement that triggered series of reactions from his followers.

In the post, the 23-year-old singer stated that the things one enjoys doing when nobody is watching, tells a lot about the personality of the doer – as that is the real identity of the person.

“The things you do when nobody is watching is the real you”.

In reaction to his statement, a fan identified as Godswill Ozubide asked what would be the appropriate name for someone like him who steals bread from the fridge at night. But the singer wouldn’t take it kindly with him, as he gave him an offensive name.

“I dey like go thief bread from fridge for night when nobody dey watch me, is that the real name?’.
“Godswill Ozubide, onyochi” JC replied.

Similarly, a follower with the username Wonda Mix talked to the singer about a boy that sleeps with a woman when nobody is watching – although he gave them a name, JC was quick to inform him that he is very much correct.

“Homeboy JC if so den na brostitution nahh…abi wen u dey nak person dey watch u?”.
“Wonda Mix nothing do u” – JC responded.

Pokovirtuousblog learnt that AFRO JC has been dubbed ‘the inspiring artiste’ on account of his Inspirational pieces he shares – when he isn’t talking about his musical pieces, you’ll easily see him motivating his followers. The Brass native released an album entitled ‘Self-made’ with friend and Music Producer, Blackman PD Saturday, May 22, 2021.

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