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Famous Entrepreneur, Gyt Speaks On Poverty, Cautions Those Who Enjoy Sleeping



It would seem ‘sleep’ is the most exciting activity poor people allow to consume a substantial portion of their time on the daily – else why would the super-rich like America’s Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Nigeria’s billionaire pastor, David Oyedepo and others speak on not sleeping too much if one is looking to become rich.

In a bid to help viewers get a solid grasp on the danger of excessive sleep, famous Nigerian Entrepreneur Gospel Young Tiko better known as Gyt took to his WhatsApp status in the afternoon hours of today to advise his teeming viewers on the need to quit sleeping too much, adding that it’s the route to poverty.

Sharing a screenshot of the Christian book of Proverbs chapter 20 verse 13 translated into four versions (New International Version; New Living Translation; English Standard Version & Berean Study Version) in which the scriptures unequivocally admonished Christian faithfuls not to love sleep as it is the path to poverty, Gyt reiterated the need not to sleep too much, adding that if they do they shouldn’t get jealous of ambitious people who rarely sleep.

“Sleeping is second death so as poverty is death. If you like sleep, but no jealous people wey no dey sleep when u see them making it abeg”.

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