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How To Become Prosperous: 2 Offers From African Crypto Influencer, Gaius To Live Your Best Life 2022



The popular Blockchain Entrepreneur who has received several awards owing to his contribution towards the development of Africa’s fintech industry, has given his followers two great offers for a prosperous 2022, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

Gaius Chibueze Ngene, popularly known as Bitcoin Chief, was born March 3, 1988. The Ikom native who started life like every other average Nigerian (with regard to financial hardship) escaped the rat race, so that today he’s a respected millionaire entrepreneur.

The alumni of Sheffield Hallam University who has properties worth millions of dollars in several countries, including Rwanda, is the CEO of Konvest Music; and ABiT Network.

Our reporter gathered that a passion to see his followers succeed in life, and become financially independent has spurred him to devise several strategies for their success virtually every year – this one isn’t any different as he’s ‘shown’ them the way to a ‘Live their best life in 2022’

• Getfunded

Drenched in tears, having sleepless nights because you have a ‘profitable business idea’ but lack money to fund it? Not to worry! Gaius, the Bitcoin Chief, got you covered.

Getfunded is an opportunity our boss is offering his followers to boost their ‘dream business’. In this offer, he’ll be giving business owners $10,000 loan without interest or collateral (to be repaid after 13months)

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• Mentorship

If you are serious about achieving your big dreams for the year 2022, you’ll do well to allow the Bitcoin Chief ‘show’ you the way to success – he grew his business from 1 subscriber to over 1.8million (in a very short space of time).

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