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Forex Trading: ‘It Was An Amazing Feeling That I Made Money Without Stress’, Forexlyfe CEO, Fx.professor Tells Curious Follower



A curious fellow had asked the Forex Trader to know how he felt upon receiving his first withdrawal in the forex market. The Entrepreneur described his feeling as ‘an amazing one’, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

Forex trading is also known as foreign exchange or FX trading. It is basically the trading of one currency for another. According to Investopedia, the forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world, with trillions of dollars changing hands every day.

Taking to his Instagram story in the afternoon hours of today, the CEO of Forexlyfe, Olanrewaju Hazeez, popularly known as Fx.professor, shared several graphics containing his answers to questions from his followers/students – one of them inquired to know how he felt when he received his first withdrawal. In his response, the UK-based Entrepreneur described it as an ‘amazing feeling’.

“How did you feel when you received your first withdrawal from the market?”

“I grew up in a system where we were made to believe that in order to make money, we have got to work really hard – and that grew with me for a long time.

“When I made my first withdrawal, I realise say life no suppose hard, and it was amazing feeling that I made money without stress”

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