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Music Audio: Lifestyle – Diamhorn | Download



The controversial Nigerian Music Producer cum Rapper who has penchant for recording pornographic songs, has dropped yet another entitled ‘Lifestyle’. The self-produced rap song is available for download here at Pokovirtuousblog.

Yesterday, fast-rising Nigerian Rapper, Diamhorn released his self-produced musical piece, ‘Lifestyle’. In the 2 minutes and 24 seconds long song, the Oporoma native talks about his lifestyle: the kind of ladies he likes dating; how that he loves money, etc – these lines capture it vividly.

~ I’ve been smoking I’m a weedstar yeah (yeah yeah)
I’ve been popping I’m a pop star yeah popping)
I’ve been popping, smoking I’m a weed star (Weeeeeeeeeeeee!)
I’ve been smoking, popping I’m a pop star

It’s my life Niggas I ain’t got no type (got no type)
Bad bitches are the only thing that I like (that I like)
It’s my life bitches I’m a pirate (pirate)
Pussy, money, weed that’s the only life I like (my life my life) ~

Pokovirtuousblog understands that the Etelernse Records boss is not a newbie in the Nigerian music industry, albeit he’s relatively unknown. The chocolate-skinned Rapper has several songs to his name including ‘Cum’; ‘Sexy Feet Girl’; and ‘God Is A Shit’.



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