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Reactions As CEO New Generation Africa, Daniel Ogoloma Reveals When Life Begins In New IG Post



The Harvard University student revealed that life begins only when one discovers his purpose, thereby stimulating a handful of followers to express appreciation and admiration for him, Pokovirtuousblog has learnt.

In the night hours of yesterday, the CEO of New Generation Africa, Daniel Ogoloma took to his verified Instagram handle to share his thoughts about destiny and purpose. In the post, the Youth Advocate stated that until one discovers who he is and why he was born, he is yet to start living.

“Life really begins when you realise who you are and what you was created to do.

Thanks For The Words Sir, Fans Write

Our reporter gathered that a crowd of his followers not only took to the comments to concur to his statement, but also expressed admiration for him.

Aagatha, ‘Yeah true, well said…but truthfully do people ever figure it out? Do people really get to actualise purpose? I don’t think so’; Chidalu_global, ‘Exactly’; Isaac_aganah, ‘Thanks for the words sir’; Inonsosolomon, ‘Clean boss’; Derry_smith, ‘Nice picture with a caption of wisdom’, among others.

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