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When I Grow Older I Want To Be Better Than You, Admirer Tells Talent Manager Bankulli



The 45-year-old Talent Manager had shared a rather motivational piece in which he advised followers against expecting everyone to love them. In reaction, a user expressed admiration for him, stating that he’d like to be more successful than him – he also added that he holds the Entrepreneur in high esteem, Pokovirtuousblog has gathered.

In the morning hours of today, famous Nigerian Talent Manager, Songwriter cum Historian, Abisagboola Oluseun John better known as Bankulli offered a piece of advice to his 335k Instagram followers on the need to ‘stay true to their course’; thinking less about whether people likes them or not. He concluded his piece by saying, if they’ll adhere to his advice, their haters would be put to shame in no distant time.

“Don’t expect everyone to like/love YOU it will never happen even in death – Some will go as far as say things they don’t even have a clue of just to feel they know – Don’t be angry with them but rather stay true to your course with pure heart ❤️ and be truthful to God and yourself for they will be shamed soon 🔜#JourneyBackHome #jbk 26/10/2021”

Meanwhile, our reporter gathered that shortly after sharing the post, as a crowd of his followers drop comments, a man with the username @callme_pedigree01 expressed desire to become not only as successful as he is, but even more – he added that he respects him a lot.

“When I grow older I want to be better than you boss. Respect!”.

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