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Video: Blockchain Entrepreneur, Gaius Goes Gaga As Bitcoin Sells At $60,000



In a short video shared on his social media handle, the ABiT Network CEO expressed joy over the increase in value of the digital currency, Pokovirtuousblog has gathered.

Blockchain Entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze Ngene alias Bitcoin Chief was very much excited yesterday following the appreciation of Bitcoin’s price. Taking to his Instagram handle in the evening hours, the Tatcoin founder shared a short video that saw him express joy over the news.

“Damn Bitcoin is $60,000. I just saw that Bitcoin is, infact it just got to $61,000. Just a few weeks ago, Bitcoin came down to $29,000, and I can remember vividly so many persons were saying ‘This is actually the end’.

Our reporter observed that in sharing the video, he added a rather inspiring caption. In the post, the father of two said he is very much glad, adding that he’ll be doing a give away.

“MOOD WHEN I SAW BITCOIN AT $60,000 again this same 2021!
Glad to have shared this opportunity with many of you here when it was below $1,000.

“In fact I am in the mood for give away.
Download @abitpay App and drop your BITCOIN wallet & I will pick 5 persons and send BTC to them.
Bitcoin is $61,000; how much do you think the price will be by the end of 2021?”

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