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More IG Users Concur To Tatcoin Founder, Gaius’ Statement, A Beautiful Heart Is Priceless



The 33-year-old Blockchain Entrepreneur had taken to social media to speak of the value placed on a ‘beautiful heart’, thereby spurring a crowd of his followers to share their views – they seem to agree, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has shown.

Yesterday, Africa’s 1st Bitcoin Investor, Gaius Chibueze Ngene took to his Instagram handle to speak of how valuable a ‘beautiful heart’ is, even as he added a rather stunning photo of himself.

“A beautiful heart is priceless !

Our reporter gathered that a crowd of the ABiT Network CEO’s followers hopped on the comments section to raise their thumbs up at his statement.

Princessodibeze24, ‘Sugar zaddy’; Thatemekaguy, ‘My boss’; Chukwu_nomso, ‘Priceless’; Missionarypassion, ‘The man’; Varieslove, ‘Very very priceless’, among others.

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