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12 Gaius Chibueze Ngene Quotes Every Investor, Cryptocurrency Trader Should Read



The need to stay current cannot be overemphacized. If you’re looking to expedite your financial success, am pretty sure you’ve thought about investing to receive dividends, haven’t you? And on your choice of investing, the idea of cryptocurrency seems ridiculous, right? Here’s the kicker, as the world go digital, it is wisdom to know that digital currency has come to stay, and it’s traders are sure making money like the speed of light, Pokovirtuousblog’s investigation has shown.

Accomplished Blockchain Entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze Ngene is not a newbie in the world of cryptocurrency trading. The ABiT Network CEO who bought his 1st bitcoin in 2011, is not only celebrated as the first Bitcoin Investor in Africa, but was honoured by the cryptocurrency exchange company in 2019. The Tatcoin founder has a number of bestsellers to his name: ‘Get Rich Off The Net’; ‘How Bitcoin Changed My Life’, among others.

Serious about waving bye bye to poverty, not being able to visit your dream vacation destination, and stop people insulting you over your inability to pay your bills? You’ll do well to read these powerful quotes by successful Blockchain Entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze Ngene.

• “Africa can be better when cryptocurrency and blockchain is fully adopted”

• “Today 9th July 2021, 5 years later 1 bitcoin $32,809. If you don’t think long term, you’ll only be frustrated out of your position”

• “Every bitcoin dip is an opportunity for someone to get richer”

• “Don’t go broke impressing short term people, you’ll be stranded and no one is coming to save you”

• “I rarely see people talk of a good broke person”

• “Dear crypto newbies, admirers, enthusiasts keep talking – crypto is the future”

• “Every investment has risks that you must know before getting involved”

• “As a shareholder going around writing demarketing reviews is like shooting yourself in the foot”

• “Demarketing and campaign of bitterness shouldn’t be part of what you do”

• “A desperate investor is a curse to every project no matter how much he or she invests”

• “Every company depends on patronage to grow”

• “You don’t preach against something you have your money in”

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