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23 Inspirational Quotes By NairaBET Founder, Oloye Akin Alabi To Achieve Big Dreams



Sound knowledge will expedite your success, and help you become the best version of yourself. To make a point reading on the daily is to choose to become an authority in your field. From time immemorial, success has had nothing to do with ‘one’s location’, but everything to do with ‘learning & unlearning’, Pokovirtuousblog’s investigation has shown.

The celebrated man, Oloye Akin Alabi, is one Nigerian making her country proud the world over. The Politician who happens to be the Mogaji (Head) of Ajiwogbo compound in Ibadan, is the Founder of NairaBET, Nigeria’s first sports betting company. The best-selling Author has a number of books to his name including ‘How To Sell To Nigerians’; ‘Small Business Big Money’.

Pokovirtuousblog scoured the social media space and compiled these transformational quotes by the 44-year-old accomplished Entrepreneur. If you’re serious about achieving your big dreams, you’ll do well to read all quotes.

• “Fail and move on – how champions operate”

• “Sometimes, winners do quit. When you say Thomas Edison tried 1,000 times before getting the light bulb, understand that he didn’t do the same thing 1,000 times”

• “When my sports publishing company failed, I blamed only one person: myself. When I lost my election in 2015, I blamed myself”

• “Whenever I fail at anything, I blame only one person: myself. No excuses. When it’s not working for me, it’s my fault”

• “No matter what you have achieved, you will never feel you have done enough. The person you want to be like is also feeling inadequate”

• “Being specific with your requests is important in life”

• “People say I have small eyes but the things these eyes have seen, you don’t want to imagine”

• “Two things that I have done but will never encourage my children to do: Entrepreneurship and Politics. If they want to, I can give advice but I will never encourage them. I will actually discourage them”

• “All I can say is, I am a genius”

• “Why people leave businesses: 1% die. 3% relocate. 14% are lured by competition. 14% are dissatisfied with the product. All these make up on 32%. The rest (68%) leave because of bad customer service”

• “Predatory loan sharks must be checked. Also, please be responsible with your borrowing”

• “I’m on my phone doesn’t mean I’m free. I could be reading a contract. I could be creating content. I could be reading, replying emails from the office. Sometimes, I work for 2 hours on my phone without touching my laptop. A lot gets done over the phone these days”

• “Listen to advice. Analyze different perspectives, then take decisions on your own. If you fail, it’s better to fail on your own terms”

• “There is nothing as painful as doing other people’s wishes and failing/being unhappy at it”

• “Track your advertising to know which ones are working and which ones are not. That way, you will be able to put most of your advertising budget into what works”

• “Success is not just about doing what you love. Sometimes, you have to roll up your sleeves and do what you don’t like to get to the top”

• “When people ask me what keeps me going when I’m facing tough times, my answer is what is the other option? Stop? Quit? What result will that give me?”

• “Apologizing to the mob and those who don’t care about you – wrong move”

• “Lesson for aspiring politicians: a strong political party is important”

• “A large part of success is in the mind. Life is a journey. Better enjoy the journey because death is the final destination”

• “You are probably not happy with where you are. That’s how you will feel when you achieve the things you say you want to achieve”

• Keep calm. Drink water”

• “It’s okay to have bad periods in life, business, career etc. There will always be seasons of successes and failures – be ready for both. The plan is to ensure the failure period is short so you can get back to winning ways in no time”

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