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Crypto Is The True Freedom, Says Binance-honoured cryptocurrency Trader, Gaius



The Tatcoin Founder stated that trading cryptocurrencies gave him the guts and opportunity to speak his mind, even as he concluded that digital currencies does bring freedom, Pokovirtuousblog can report.

In a post on his 262k-follower Instagram handle yesterday, ABiT Network CEO, Gaius Chibueze Ngene stated that the one thing he finds especially interesting about trading cryptocurrencies is that it has made him an outspoken man. The 33-year-old successful Blockchain Entrepreneur concluded by saying trading crypto does bring freedom.

“One thing trading Crypto like BITCOIN, TATCOIN & TXT did for me is give me the Guts and freedom to speak my mind without the fear that speaking my mind may affect my daily bread or that of my wife and two sons.
Everything I am hustling for that involves other people is a + and not my primary Source.

“I don’t know 0% of the people I buy and sell crypto to on Trading Exchanges, and they don’t know me either.
This is the beauty of Decentralisation.
Crypto is the True Freedom!

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