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Always Look Out For Yourself, Tatcoin Founder, Gaius Advises



In a post on social media, the ABiT Network CEO advised his followers on the need to know they are all they’ve got, adding that the need to survive may hinder friends from offering assistance sometimes, Pokovirtuousblog can confirm.

Yesterday, popular Blockchain Entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze Ngene took to his Twitter handle to offer a piece of advice to tweeps on the need to ‘look out for themselves’, noting that challenges might bar folks with good intentions from showing kindness all too often.

“Always look out for yourself!
People may genuinely love you, but the need to survive would most likely trump good intentions.
You are all you’ve got!”

Pokovirtuousblog gathered that Gaius Chibueze Ngene, a father of 2 is one of the most respected cryptocurrency traders in the world. The 33-year-old launched his crypto trading firm, ABiT Network last year.

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