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You Are The Best In This Crypto Space, Fan Tells Bitcoin Chief, Gaius, He Reacts



The Binance-honoured cryptocurrency trader had taken to social media to tell his followers how much he loves trading cryptocurrency. In reaction, a ton of his followers hailed him – one user described him as the best in the game, Pokovirtuousblog can report.

In the wee hours of today, Gaius Chibueze Ngene shared an important piece to his 262k followers on Instagram. In the missive, the ABiT Network CEO stated that he started Bitcoin trading full-time since 2015, adding that it’s been very much rewarding.

Been doing this Crypto, Bitcoin Trading for the past six years full time, and I love it more each day.
Coming from a place where the only way people around me made money was working physically hard, I am grateful that this Crypto thingy though at first plays with your mental health with symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression but once you learn to enjoy the markets up and down ride then you will become immune to price volatility and the psychological symptoms that come with it.

“I will be lying if I tell you I never have and don’t lose money in this business.
Before I stopped trading Features to stick to spot trading and now #Defi, I had lost $39,800 on a bad day when I needed all the money I could get to sort myself, my team and extended family. As someone running a company employing over 19 persons working in India, Nigeria, UAE, Dubai, Rwanda, USA and the UK 🇬🇧. Month ends are usually the most unpleasant time to lose such money since it’s mostly when we pay salary but guess what; that’s what comes with the business—the ups and downs.

“Recently I started exploring #DEFI, Decentralised Trading like STAKING, FARMING and LIQUIDITY provision.
These are less risky ways to make money from Crypto.
I will recommend you learn how to do the same on @tatswap using the how it works Video on TATSWAP.COM.

“I held a class on Youtube where I explained how to make at least $25 on I know those making $500, but to sound modest, I am saying $25, especially when mentioning amounts that may seem unrealistic to many who may read and may never have earned so much money before without working too physically hard.

“If you are reading this and interested in any of the businesses I do, send me a DM, and I will be ready to guide you hand by hand as I have trained over 1,000,000 persons here through my weekly free training since 2016 when I launched this Page for crypto.
I can show you how to buy TATCOIN, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, TXT and other cryptocurrencies using @abitrader_app and other Exchanges, and you will make MONEY for yourself and your Boy/Girlfriend 😆!
Yours in Love, @gaiuschibueze

Taking to the comments section, an enthused fan identified as @youngblackflyandhandsome stated that the father of two is the go-to guy when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, even as he appreciated him.

“The best in this crypto space, appreciate all that you do. Information too choke”

Scarcely had a minute elapsed, the Bitcoin Chief replied the dude, calling him a brother even as he added the love emoji.

“@youngblackflyandhandsome love ❤️ brother”

Others equally shared their thoughts about his service offerings. From showing interest to learn everything cryptocurrency, to admiring his level of consistency, here’s what some followers wrote him.

Amber_uju, ‘Your level of consistency is attractive’; Orevao, ‘Thank you boss. You are an inspiration’; Princessodibeze24, ‘High chief’; _panshak, ‘The boss himself. Mentor to many traders’; Visual_assert99, ‘Greatest boss ever’, among others.

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