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More Nigerians Write ‘Relatable Story’ For Bitcoin Chief, Gaius’ ‘The Sheep, Wolf & Shepherd’ Task



In a bid to get a story that offers sound explanation to a riddle, the ABiT Network CEO took to social media to ask his followers to write an essay, promising to reward the best writer. A crowd of his fans have since putted on their ‘Creative cap’, Pokovirtuousblog has gathered.

A few hours ago, Africa’s 1st Bitcoin Investor, Gaius Chibueze Ngene took to his Instagram handle to ask his teeming followers to write a story, promising to give the best writer $50. In the post, the Tatcoin Founder said they should pen a story about a sheep that spends his whole life frightened about a wolf only to be devoured by his shepherd.

“The¬†sheep ūüźŹ spends his whole life fearing the wolf only to be eaten by the Shepherd.
Using a Relatable Story Explain the above using human characters and win $50 on @abitpay if I like your explanation.

“Last Essay Winners declared and given $50 each check the comment section of that particular post!

Although the winner is yet to be announced as of press time, our reporter gathered that a number of his followers have since taken to the comments section to write their ‘relatable story’ in the hope that they emerge winner.

Suchu_yo, ‘We fear the risk not also thinking about the profits we end up facing the poverty we didn’t eradicate at an early stage of life’;

Mrciza, ‘People are scared to invest in ABiT Network beautiful products keeping FIAT and they end up losing it to inflation at the end of the day’

Emiwiz.onetime, ‘Life is not always the way we think and believe it is,,,we are scared of what we don’t know and comfortable with the little we know’, among others.

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