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IYC Spokesman, Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe Speaks On The One Quality Leaders Should Have In New Post



The popular Niger Delta Socio-political Activist had taken to his social media handle to make the statement, noting that they’ll do well not to draw conclusions without due diligence, Pokovirtuousblog can report.

A couple hours ago, the National Spokesman of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe took to his Instagram handle to offer a piece of advice to leaders on the one character they should nurture. In the post, the 34-year-old Sagbama native says they shouldn’t be quick to pass judgement.

“A leader should not be quick to pass judgement ✍️”

Checks by Pokovirtuousblog reveals that the energetic leader is very much respected in the Niger Delta region. The Delta-born Socio-political Activist assumed duty as National Spokesman IYC, Sunday, July 19, 2020.

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