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27 Quotes By Ady Del Valle, The American Plus-size Gay Model To Build Self-esteem And Win In Life



“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”, that statement was made by 20th century American Actress cum Model, Lucille Ball. What I find especially interesting about it is that, the actress died 1989 ( 31 years ago ), and Valle is 33 – can you see my point? Seems she knew he would would be plus-sized, hence the instruction.

Ady Del Valle is from Boston, New York in the United States. The plus-sized Model amidst criticism, has been able to own himself, stand for self-love over self-condemnation – you bet it’s paying off, as he has had the opportunity to walk for Valore at New York Fashion Week; worked with many brands like Brandon Kyle Collection, Sephora, etc; featured in Teens Vogue, Bear’s World, among others.

Pokovirtuousblog gathered that the famous Model who is managed by Beyondxy Agency, is the founder of The Latinx Creative.

As Pokovirtuousblog combed the internet space to compile these quotes by Valle, good news is if you have trouble adhering to the words of Lucille Ball, you need not worry, as the successful Plus-size Model has overcomed the obstacles, and has some words of wisdom for you. Read and get inspired.

• “You can kill it and slay it at any size”

• “Your body is wonderland”.

• “Everyone’s process in learning to love themselves and gain confidence is different”

• “I have learnt to grow tough skin and prepare myself for it. The positive always outweighs the negatives”

• “You can be stylish, sexy and just you at any size”

• “It’s ok to be a man and embrace your masculinity, but I want to show that we can have other sides to us that are real and relatable”

• “What gets me excited about fashion are the risk takers and rule breakers that make it work and look fabulous while doing it”

• “Don’t get consumed or stay in that dark place for too long – it’s not a good place to be”

• “Surround yourself with people who love you as you are, who encourage you and help you be the person you want to be”

• “What I want to say to teens is don’t be afraid to be yourself now”

• “My biggest desire to anyone is to be kind”

• “I got inspired from not seeing people like me represented or seen in fashion or in any other spaces, so I decided to be that for people like me”

• “I’m breaking those stereotypes by just being me but taking up spaces in spaces we are never seen in”

• “Start small and with great comfort level”

• “Unapologetically invest in the craft – do your homework and make sure you are doing it all for the right reasons”

• “I’m trying to represent the average height, fluffy men that get forgotten”

• “All bodies are beautiful bodies and should be part of the movement, regardless of who you are and what you look like”

• “If we live worrying what others think of us, then we are not living for us; you’re not being yourself”

• “Show the industry and anyone who doubted that bigger men are capable and worthy. Even with the critics and cyberbullying, I’m determined to strive for greatness and positivity for all”

• “Want to know there isn’t a wrong way to be you, to exist in the body you have”

• “The climb to the top is never easy, but once you are, it’s all worth it”

• “Don’t let anyone tell you the work you do, and what you’ve done isn’t valid or to their standard”

• “Having an impact is timeless, being popular is temporary”

• “In a society where loving and expressing yourself as you are is an act of rebellion and radicalism, that’s where you know you’re taking your power back, use that power for good”

• “When you feel great, you do great”

• “Today I own it, and embrace it because it’s what makes me, me”

• “You are loved, worthy, strong and beautiful. Keep going, keep existing and keep doing”

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