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Ebi Egbe Knocks Bayelsa Government, Says ‘We’ll Not Stop Talking Until The Right Things Are Put In Place’



Following the report published yesterday by the International Centre for Investigative Report (ICIR); that the Lagos chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) generates well over N123.08 billion annually, the CEO of Monimichelle Sports Facility Construction Ltd, Ebi Egbe in a statement, revealed that he’ll keep talking; pressing for ‘transparency’ in his home state, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has shown.

Sharing a screenshot of ICIR’s survey as reported by Punch Newspapers on his Facebook profile in the morning hours of today, the Ogboinbiri native stated that he cares less about whether people would hate him for speaking the truth, adding that he’ll keep talking until the government step up its game.

“Which way Bayelsa, Hate me or love me we are not going to stop talking until the right things are put in place in Bayelsa state”.

Meanwhile Pokovirtuousblog gathered that a fair chunk of his followers have since taken to the comments section of his post to share their thoughts. While one appreciated him; says I support your notion, here’s what some users are saying.

Matthew Perekebuna, ‘I support your motion sir’; Ayaowei Amatari, ‘Nice one sir’; Doutimi Ekadi, ‘Almost all revenues generated in Bayelsa State finds its way into private pockets…what goes to the government maybe less than 10% even’; Pereowei Igbori, ‘U ar very right boss’; David Kay Taiwo, ‘No doubt sir’ among others.

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