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APC From Day One; No Matter What We Don’t Change, Says Popular Socialite, Gyt



Although there might be internal conflicts in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), and opposition party (PDP) may have criticized it as being the political organization whose leadership has plunged the country into chaos, it would seem the majority of Nigerians are confident it will lead her to enviable heights. One such person is popular Nigerian Socialite, Gyt, a check by Pokovirtuousblog has shown.

In a bid to help his viewers get a solid grasp about the party he belongs to, and the mindset they should keep as they face challenges, the Olugbobiri native took to his WhatsApp status in the morning hours of today to state that he’ll always be loyal to APC come rain or shine.

“APC from day one. No matter what, I don’t change faith. We strong”.

Curious to have the high-powered youth throw light on his connection with the ruling All Progressives Congress, our reporter sent him a few questions. In his response, the father of one revealed that he grew up in the party, adding that although some of his friends have since defected to PDP, he’ll always remain in the ruling party.

“I grew up in APC, and I worked with David Lyon during the Bayelsa State gubernatorial election – that made me more closer to APC. I am that kind of person that don’t run due to little challenges; so many of my friend ran to PDP after the fall of David Lyon, but I still stand firm with APC and David Lyon”

Checks by Pokovirtuousblog reveals that the 26-year-old is very much hardworking. A source close to the dude told our reporter that if one is looking to catch him wasting his time, the fellow would have to wait till eternity.

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