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Reactions As Controversial Rapper, Diamhorn, Calls Himself ‘God’, Substantiates



There has been a series of reactions in the Bayelsa social media space over the statement of controversial Bayelsa-based Rapper, Diamhorn, checks by Pokovirtuousblog has revealed. The controversy all started when he called himself God – writes the letter ‘G’ in uppercase – thereby making many to raise their eyebrows.

Sunday, Music Executive cum Rapper, Diamhorn described himself with an action verb that has since got many talking on social media. In the post, the ‘God is a Shit’ crooner, using capital letters wrote boldly, ‘I’M A GOD’.

Surprised over his statement, a handful of social media users hopped on the comments section of his post to share their varied opinions. While one asked him to shut up; that he needs God’s intervention in his life, others seems to express thoughts which challenged his self-appointed title.

Abie Walsen, ‘God of which planet? Etelernse’; Mega Boss, ‘Not in capital letters’; Young Desy, ‘Sharap dear’; El Vidal Elvis, ‘U need God in your life, Mr. Clitoris’ among others.

In a bid to get a clear view as to why he prefers such a holy and sacred name (using the uppercase as well), our reporter asked him a question in that regard – the eccentric personality who responded rather quickly, revealed what served as an eye-opener to his self-proclaimed title.

In his response, the Oporoma native stated that it all started when he discovered he’s the ‘manifestation of Jehovah’, adding that the older he gets, the more he realizes that indeed he is a God.

“Actually, when i realized who JEHOVAH is…I’M THE MANIFESTATION OF JEHOVAH and the more the days go bye, the Godly nature in me grows the more( i am made in his image) – so i believe that whatever God does or possess, that’s what i do or possess.

“i also believe that God will not give me what he doesn’t have or he will make me to do what he can not do…because going to church and club; doing Good and Evil, Giving life and taking, saving life and destroy; have sex and multiply, etc are just a few things that made GOD who he is and i am reigning just like GOD…but in one word GOD is two or GOD means Two”

Pokovirtuousblog gathered that, Diamhorn is the CEO of Etelernse Records label, located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Although the brand was launched only three years ago, it has provided hope to many artistes in the area like Nayomi; Pereboy; 10DA; among others.

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