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Again, New York Rapper, Greezy To Feature Diamhorn In Forthcoming Single, ‘Police’



If New York were to be in Bayelsa State (precisely where Diamhorn lives), I bet he would always visit Greezy on the daily. The duo who seem to be close friends – albeit virtual, wouldn’t go a day without leaving comments on the posts of each other, Pokovirtuousblog’s investigation has revealed.

Taking to his Facebook profile a few days ago, in a bid to inform fans about the song they’re working on, the Music Executive stated that his brother from another mother (referring to Greezy) would be dropping another song, and that he just finished recording his verse – and sent it to him too. Speaking further, the Oporoma native revealed that the upcoming musical piece ‘Police’ isn’t their first music collaboration – as he was featured in his song entitled ‘Selling Out’ last month.

“Meet my brother from another mother all the way from the U. S. Well, he is now an AMERICAN-NIGERIA, WHILE I’M A NIGERIAN-AMERICAN. We have recorded a couple of songs together including the one titled: “SELLING OUT”…

“That will be out on all music platforms by GREEZY himself.
we just recorded another song again titled: ‘POLICE’ and I just recorded my verse yesterday… #ETELERNSE RERyan Christopher Schaferher Schaferfer”

When asked by our reporter what informed the title of the song, Diamhorn stated that the musical piece is about everything you can think of the police force, noting that it would seem police officers share same attribute globally.

“The song ‘Police’ is about police brutality. Don’t you know what the force has been doing globally?’

Pokovirtuousblog learnt that Greezy, a white Rapper who lives with his family in New York City is the CEO of Million Dollars Mindset (MDM), an organization designed to bring out the best in talented acts. Diamhorn, a Nigerian is the Chief Executive Officer of Etelernse Records, a record label that has helped the majority of talented artistes in Bayelsa State.

The duos single which has no date slated for its release, would be produced by the rappers themselves.

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