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Africa’s First Bitcoin Investor, Gaius, Reveals What Happens To A Friendship When Both Parties Lack Loyalty



The Miami-based Blockchain Entrepreneur revealed that lack of loyalty destroys friendship, Pokovirtuousblog can confirm.

Heavyweight Blockchain Entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze Ngene, 33, is a very much respected businessman in the African business landscape owing to his contribution to fintech development in the continent. The father of two who happens to be the CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform, Tatspace, is the author of three life-changing books: ‘How Bitcoin Changed My Life’; Behind The Beauty & Glamour’; and ‘Get Rich Off The Net’.

In the night hours of yesterday, the multi-award winning Entrepreneur told his 41.4k followers that people get to know each other; engage in several activities only to become strangers again because of disloyalty.

“You meet people, know them for a while, do many things together, and then you are all strangers again or enemies because they lack Loyalty!”.

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